About us

Infinitive Solutions is a local company with over 15 yrs of combined experience in the heating & cooling trade. Our mission is to provide our customers with an energy efficient heating and cooling system without sacrificing comfort. We have adapted to today’s energy code standards, and have found a balance between meeting the new stricter building codes, and been able to run ducts without sacrificing the finish look of the house.

We often refer to our work as “art” even if its buried behind soffits, inside crawlspace, or up in the attic. At the end of the day we want to go home and walk away with a feeling of satisfaction when looking back at the work performed.

Our Services

At Infinitive Solutions, we can provide you with our services throughout any stage of your project. Whether it is a new construction, remodel or addition.

We like to work closely with all the architects and engineers from the start of the project to insured a properly design system that will work with whatever plans they are trying to accomplish.

Some of the services that we provide are:



Mini Splits


Central System

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Duct Design

Load Calculations




The Experience

It all begins with a phone call, email, or walk in. We can design a completely new system to meet your needs, we start with a home load calculation that is going to assure us that the system designed is not under sized or oversized. Based on the needs and the space that we have to work with, we will determine whether Minisplits or a ducted central system is the way to go. If a ducted system is the way to go, we start designing the ductwork. By properly sizing the ductwork we can make sure that the system is not too noisy or that it doesn’t have cold/hot spots. Once the ductwork has been designed, we proceed to add extra features like; whole house dehumidifier, HRV, or a Humidifier. Lastly we give the homeowner the option of choosing the smart thermostat that they want to use to control the system. A ducted system can be a Standalone Gas Furnace or a Hydro Air Handler that will use hot water from a boiler to generate its heat. If Minisplits are the way to go, we start to map out how we are going to get our AC lines and drain up to the indoor unit location. In some applications the lines can be ran inside a wall if the walls are opened or if the homeowner agrees to letting us cut the walls open. In cases where the walls cannot be cut open, we will run the AC lines on the outside of the house. The lines will be inside a line set cover that is installed to hide it all and allows for a clean finish look. Standard line set colors are White, Grey, Brown and Beige. If none of this colors matches the exterior color, the covers can be painted with a matching paint.

What our clients say

Bannon Custom Builders has used Infinitive Solutions and Luis Marin on two large, challenging projects and the HVAC component of these jobs has been very successful.  Luis is a consummate professional, always offering solutions to difficult situations, and works hard to deliver a quality package. Luis is also very knowledgeable about all the recent updates, codes and new products.  We will most certainly be using Infinitive Solutions again and highly recommend others to use this company as well.

Ed Lanoue

I would like to recommend this company Infinitive Solutions how highly qualified for anybody that is looking for heating and cooling ventilations, they came to my home and my business at quality service, they are very truthful, honest as well as responsible when they quote you a price and a time. their job is very clean, professional and high-quality. please go on line to www.infinitivesolutions.us

Said Alharthy

I couldn’t be happier with the work that was done on my home. I bought a fixer upper in Mashpee and even though the furnace was brand new the ductwork was old and I wanted to replace it. My plumber recommended Luis and he really is the best. Luis is extremely knowledgeable and personable. He priced out many different options for me so that I could work within my budget. He always took the time to explain in detail how the system worked and was very patient with my never ending list of questions. His work and attention to detail is meticulous. I would be surprised if anyone was disappointed in hiring him.

L. Merritt
Mashpee, MA

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